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Dyspepsia futures are used to voice the composers concerns and fears for the future and warm audiences of these concerns. A time periods contextual concerns and the issues that are happening in their current day societies are what influence composer’s fears and concerns for the future. Because of this we can see didactic dyspepsia texts from different periods portray different ideas and concerns.

Fahrenheit 451″ was published in the 1 ass’s, during a time influenced by many political and international events. This caused many contextual concerns which are extrapolated in Bradbury didactic novel. Censorship and the oppression of independent thought are two contextual concerns portrayed throughout Bradbury book. Although written many years after, “Cataract” also delves into key conceptual concerns of the time it was produced; the 1 99(Yes. “Cataract” was produced during a time of great scientific advancement.

The dyspeptic world in which “Cataract” is set explores he concerns of the period; the homogeneities of society if humans continue to strive for perfection through the use of genetic engineering, and the discrimination associated from genetic testing. Book burning and the manipulation of information in “Fahrenheit 451” help Bradbury portray the concern of censorship in society. Censorship by the Government gives them a degree of control of the people. The censorship keeps every member of mainstream society happy and therefore they have no reason the criticizes authority.

The burning of books which can be seen early on in the book, homebodies the burning and destroying of information. This burning of books represents a contextual concern of Bradbury period. The Nazi regime during WI burnt books to destroy information harmful to their purpose. This is a parallel to what we see in “Fahrenheit 451”. Parlor walls which feature in all houses in “Fahrenheit 451” illustrate citizen’s dependence on TV for entertainment. The invention of the TV in the ass’s and its popularity would be Bursary’s influence for the story.

Bursary’s seen its popularity and realized he potential for the manipulation of information through TV. Bradbury s extrapolated on this fear in his book through the use of parlor walls. These wall sized TV’s don’t provoke viewers to think, they provide mindless entertainment. When the hunt for Montage is being shown on national television, the Government kills a man and claim it is Montage. This propaganda shows citizens the government never lets anyone get away with non-conformity. The issue Of censorship is obvious in “Fahrenheit 451”.

It is highly effective in displaying Bradbury current day concerns of the issue of enshrines. It gives the reader a warning about the possible outcomes that develop from systematic censorship. Another key concern extrapolated in “Fahrenheit 451” is the oppression of independent thought. “Fahrenheit 451 ” was written in the McCarthy period. The American Government led by Joseph McCarthy was terrified by the threat of communism. From this terror the practice of McCarthy developed. People were accused of subversion or treason without substantial evidence.

Anyone who showed any opposition of this practice were deemed communist sympathizers and also prosecuted. This fear of persecution led to a restriction of any dissent and political criticism of the Government. This oppression of independent thought can be seen in “Fahrenheit 451 The government through systemic rules and punishment plus the manipulation of information. Manipulation of information through the parlor walls and seashell earpieces tells the citizens what to think. Through constant acceptance of what is being said, eventually society started accepting everything that was being said without question or thought.

The government through banning and burning books is destroying information that provokes and promotes independent thought. Public and clandestine punish meet of citizens who display signs of independent thought is another way the government quells independent thought. The public hunt and killing of a fake Montage shows citizens the government never lets anyone get away with criticism of the government’s policies. In the book Montage believes Claries is clandestinely killed by the Government because of her open unconformity and views on independent thought. This oppression of independent thought is a major theme in “Fahrenheit 451”.

It is a warning room Bradbury about the negative effects from his government’s current day practices silencing independent thought. “Cataract” produced about 40 years after Fahrenheit 451 explore a very different contextual concern which results in a concern which is very similar to Fahrenheit 451. The use of genetic engineering become a viTABLE but highly debated topic around the time “Cataract” was composed. One fear of genetic engineering was the homogeneities of society. What was going to stop the detriment of diversity if every child could be 6 foot tall and have a potential IQ of 1 50?

All parents re going to choose what’s best for their children and everyone else’s children. Fate and the environment a child grows up in become the only factors that influence an individual. People believed the use of genetic engineering was unnatural and people’s genetic makeup was a necessary defining attribute of a person. This removal of genetic predispositions can be seen in the scene when Vincent parents are visiting the Geneticist for the creation of Intone.

Its basically saying that you’re numb if you think you can get by with reading and that’s not right. A second reason is when Guy Montage says “Monday burn Malay, Wednesday Whitely, Friday Faulkner, burn ‘me to ashes, then burn the ashes. That’s our slogan” (8). That saying that the firemen are basically going to burn everywhere that still has books. Those are some reasons why Fahrenheit 451 should be banned for its government power. The next reason Fahrenheit 451 should be banned is the actions of certain characters.

One example of the actions is when Mildred Montage says “Hell! ” the operators cigarette moved on his lips “We get these cases nine or ten a eight. Got so many, starting a few years ago, we had the special machines built’ (Bradbury 1). This is basically saying the firemen have gotten so lazy that hey built machines to do most of their work for them. Another reason is when Claries McClellan says “So many people are. Afraid of firemen, I mean. But you’re just a man, after all… ” (7).

It’s bad because firemen have burnt so many peoples books and houses that people have become afraid of them now. Those are a couple reasons why Fahrenheit 451 should be banned for actions of certain characters. The final reason Fahrenheit 451 should be banned is violence. The first example of violence is when Guy Montage says “We burnt an old woman with her books” (Bradbury). It’s wrong because they burnt down the old ladies house without getting her out first, the least they could have done would have been carry the lady out of the house.

The next example of violence is when Claries McClellan says “I’m afraid of children my own age. They kill each other” (30). It’s very violent for it to be normal to have kids just going around killing each other. Those are some reasons why Fahrenheit 451 should be banned for violence. So as you see Fahrenheit 451 should be banned for many reasons, not just en. As you saw by all the research done on this book and the evidence that was given it should definitely be banned.

Some people may think that this book is a good book and should not be banned, but I do not.


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